Accepted Papers
Prateek Dewan and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru.
Towards Automatic Real Time Identification of Malicious Posts on Facebook
Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Sara Ricci and Jordi Soria-Comas.
Disclosure Risk Assessment via Record Linkage by a Maximum-Knowledge Attacker
Anupama Aggarwal and Ponnurangam Kumaraguru.
What They Do in Shadows: Twitter Underground Follower Market
Dilian Gurov, Peeter Laud and Roberto Guanciale.
Privacy Preserving Business Process Matching
Mehmet Sabir Kiraz, İsa Sertkaya and Osmanbey Uzunkol.
An Efficient ID-Based Message Recoverable Privacy-Preserving Auditing Scheme
Stefan Wueller, Fabian Foerg, Susanne Wetzel and Ulrike Meyer.
Privacy-Preserving Conditional Random Selection
Balamurugan Anandan and Chris Clifton.
Pseudorandom number Sampling for Computational Differential Privacy
Apostolis Zarras, Antonis Papadogiannakis, Sotiris Ioannidis and Thorsten Holz.
Revealing the Relationship Network Behind Link Spam
Brian Soeder and K. Suzanne Barber.
A Model for Calculating User-Identity Trustworthiness in Online Transactions
Liang Chen, Peter Edwards, John Nelson and Timothy Norman.
An Access Control Model for Protecting Provenance Graphs
Yasser Jafer, Stan Matwin and Marina Sokolova.
A Framework for a Privacy-aware Feature Selection Evaluation Measure
Balkis Abidi and Sadok Ben Yahia.
An Adaptive Algorithm for Multivariate Data-Oriented Microaggregation
Hsiao-Ying Huang and Masooda Bashir.
Is Privacy a Human Right? An Empirical Examination in a Global Context
Seongyeol Oh, Joon-Sung Yang, Andrea Bianchi and Hyoungshick Kim.
Devil in a Box: Installing Backdoors in Electronic Door Locks
Abdullah Alzahrani and Ali Ghorbani.
Real-Time Signature-Based Detection Approach for SMS Botnet
Hiroaki Kikuchi and Katsumi Takahashi.
Quantifying Risk of identification in Mathematical Model of an Anonymized Dataset
Jonas Breuer, Heritiana Ranaivoson, Uschi Buchinger and Pieter Ballon.
Who Manages the Manager? Identity Management and User Ownership in the Age of Data
Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Santini and Artsiom Yautsiukhin.
Visualising Network Security through Arguments
Dorottya Papp, Zhendong Ma and Levente Buttyan.
Embedded Systems Security: Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attack Taxonomy
Mitu Kumar Debnath, Saeed Samet and Krishnamurthy Vidyasankar.
A Secure Revocable Personal Health Record System With Policy-Based Fine-Grained Access Control
Masahiro Fujita, Shiori Arimura, Yuki Ikeya, Christian Damsgaard Jensen and Masakatsu Nishigaki.
Physical Trust-based Persistent Authentication
Per Hallgren, Martín Ochoa and Andrei Sabelfeld.
InnerCircle: A Parallelizable Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Location Proximity Protocol
Jaap Boender, Giuseppe Primiero and Franco Raimondi.
Minimizing Transitive Trust Threats in Software Management Systems
Junsung Cho, Geumhwan Cho and Hyoungshick Kim.
Keyboard or Keylogger?: an empirical security analysis of third-party keyboards on Android
Rino Falcone, Alessandro Sapienza and Cristiano Castelfranchi.
Recommendation of categories in an agents world: The role of (not) local communicative environments
Meriam Jemel, Nadia Ben Azzouna and Khaled Ghedira.
ECA rules for controlling authorisation plan to satisfy dynamic constraints
Tiago Vanderlei de Arruda, Yeda Regina Venturini and Tiemi Christine Sakata.
Performance evaluation of ECC scalar multiplication using parallel modular algorithms on mobile devices